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Company Name, Business Line, Building Name, Street Name, Suburb, City, Province, Post Code, Telephone, Facsimile, Standard Industry Classification (SIC), Harmonic Systems Product Classification (HS)
You also get the following information :
Personnel:[76,069 names and positions]
Subsidiaries:[2,340 records]
Email:[28,589 email addresses]
Website:[18,017 website addresses]
Establishment Date:[13,905 records]
Company Tax Number:[7,622 records]
Business Activity:[Exporter, Importer, Agent, etc.]
Legality:[PMDN, PMA, TBK, PMDN, CV, NV, etc.]
Size:[Small, Medium, Large]
Number of Employee:[30,601 records]
Foreign Affiliate:[272 companies in 75 countries]
Certification:[1,534 records]
Brand Names:[16,816 brands]

Indonesia Business Intelligence features extensive multiple search by
Establishment Name, Address (Building, Street, City, Province, Post Code), Telephone and Facsimile Numbers, Business Line, Standard Industry Classification, Harmonic System Classification, Personnel, Business Activity, Investment Type, Ownership, Size, Number of Employee, Foreign Affiliate, Certification, Brand Names

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