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Company News
PSUTís Bond Coupons Will be Due in February
Bisnis Indonesia, page B2, 2006-01-11
PT Putra Sumber Utama Timber (PSUT) will set aside some of its operational fund to settle its bond interest coupon that will be due in February. In order to attain the fund needed to pay the interest, PSUT plans to convert part of its debts to Rp.38.5 billion equity. The plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) manufacturer will also perform refinancing by replacing short-term debts with long-term debts as a strategy to fix financial covenant. In addition, PSUT will increase its sales volume and open a new veneer-processing unit.
Putra Sumber Will Hold Informal Meeting
Bisnis Indonesia, page B2, 2005-12-20
PT Putra Sumber Utama Timber plans to hold its informal bond I/2003 meeting to further discuss the companyís financial condition to bond holders. In the meeting, the companyís management will also explain the steps to improve the condition.

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Putra Sumber Utama Timber, PT
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 6-November-2014
Major Businessline : Plywood, Adhesive

PT. Dataindo Inti SwakarsaTelp : (62 - 21) 719 3832
3rd Floor, Gapura Raya BuildingTelp : (62 - 21) 719 3834
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 4, Pela Mampang Email :
Jakarta 12720, Indonesia
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