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C3845 - Aircraft and Components Manufacturing
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Of a kind used on aircraft. HS: 4011.30.00.00
Of a kind used on aircraft. HS: 4013.90.40.00
Suitable for vehicles of chapter 87. HS: 7007.11.10.00
For lighthouse lamps, ships' lanterns, locomotive and railway rollingstock lanterns, lamps for aircraft and beacons for aerodromes. HS: 7014.00.90.10
Aircraft engines. HS: 8407.10.00.00
For aircraft engines. HS: 8409.10.00.00
Of a thrust not exceeding 25 kN. HS: 8411.11.00.00
Of a thrust exceeding 25 kN. HS: 8411.12.00.00
Of a power not exceeding 1,100 kW. HS: 8411.21.00.00
Of a power exceeding 1,100 kW. HS: 8411.22.00.00
Of a power not exceeding 5,000 kW. HS: 8411.81.00.00
Of a power exceeding 5.000 kW. HS: 8411.82.00.00
Of turbojets or turbopropellers. HS: 8411.91.00.00
Other. HS: 8411.99.00.00
Reaction engines other than turbojets. HS: 8412.10.00.00
Linear acting (cylinders). HS: 8412.31.00.00
Other. HS: 8412.39.00.00
Other. HS: 8412.80.00.00
Of reaction engines of subheading 8412.10.00. HS: 8412.90.10.00
Wiring harnesses for motor vehicles. HS: 8544.30.10.00
Of an unladed weight not exceeding 2,000 kg. HS: 8802.11.00.00
Of an unladen weight exceeding 2,000 kg. HS: 8802.12.00.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.20.10.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.30.10.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.40.10.00
Spacecraft (including satellites) and suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles. HS: 8802.60.00.00
Aircraft launching gear and parts thereof; deckarrestor or similar gear and parts thereof. HS: 8805.10.00.00
Air combat simulators and parts thereof. HS: 8805.21.00.00
Company News
Company Established by Demonstrators Ready to Rival PT DI, 2006-01-05
More that 1,000 member of the Communication Forum Employees Union of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (SP FKK PT DI) held a long march to refuse fuel increase last 4 November 2005. On 9 February 2004, the union established a company called PT Dirgantara Indonesia Mandiri (Independent Indonesian Aerospace/DIM). Through DIM, the union would continue to demand their rights from former employee PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) and also collect some of its membersí money to be used in business. Per November 2005, the unionhas collected Rp 300 million. DIMís spokesperson claimed that DIM better referred to as a holding company. The company has yet to create a company profile and other elements needed to establish a company. The company will be involved in sectors such as manufacturing, aircraft and non aircraft maintenance, interior, engineering, information technology and also trade in general.
Dirgantara Indonesia, PT (Persero) [Jakarta Branch]
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 12-April-2019
Major Businessline : Aircraft , component, engine and equipment

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