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L8230 - Computer Services
Company News
Cisco Campaigns New Marketing Theme
Bisnis Indonesia, page T1, 2006-10-05
Cisco Systems is introducing its new marketing campaign theme alongside the repositioning of the company’s role from router and switch provider to network platform provider from all types of consumers. The company’s repositioning was officiated with the introduction of the company’s new corporate identity “Lead the Experience” and “The Power of Human Network” marketing theme.
Cisco’s Tips in Dealing with Corporate Clients, 2005-04-24
Cisco Systems, the world’s largest internet software provider in the world, has substantial influence in large-scale companies such as banks, factories and multi-companies. For that reason, Cisco expanded its market to other segments, such as commercial market, internet service provider (ISP) and telecommunications. Currently, Cisco is the leader of internet software industry provider worldwide, including Indonesia. Based on the IDC report, Cisco holds 60 percent of market share. Cisco’s success in dominating the market is due to its persuasive strategy in approaching consumers. The company not only plays the role of seller, but also as a customer. Cisco not only creates brand awareness, but also become a consultant for its customers. Cisco handles each customer personally and specifically although some come from the same business field. Cisco also forms local partnerships to enable maximum control and service for clients. When it comes to distribution, the company creates a distributing system that is adjustable to supply level and production capacity.
Cisco Systems Indonesia, PT
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 2-May-2019
Major Businessline : EDP networking system

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