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Of a kind used on aircraft. HS: 4011.30.00.00
Of a kind used on aircraft. HS: 4013.90.40.00
For lighthouse lamps, ships' lanterns, locomotive and railway rollingstock lanterns, lamps for aircraft and beacons for aerodromes. HS: 7014.00.90.10
Aircraft engines. HS: 8407.10.00.00
For aircraft engines. HS: 8409.10.00.00
Of a thrust not exceeding 25 kN. HS: 8411.11.00.00
Of a thrust exceeding 25 kN. HS: 8411.12.00.00
Of a power exceeding 1,100 kW. HS: 8411.22.00.00
Of a power not exceeding 5,000 kW. HS: 8411.81.00.00
Of a power exceeding 5.000 kW. HS: 8411.82.00.00
Other. HS: 8411.99.00.00
Reaction engines other than turbojets. HS: 8412.10.00.00
Linear acting (cylinders). HS: 8412.31.00.00
Other. HS: 8412.39.00.00
Other. HS: 8412.80.00.00
Of reaction engines of subheading 8412.10.00. HS: 8412.90.10.00
Of an unladed weight not exceeding 2,000 kg. HS: 8802.11.00.00
Of an unladen weight exceeding 2,000 kg. HS: 8802.12.00.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.20.10.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.30.10.00
Aeroplanes. HS: 8802.40.10.00
Spacecraft (including satellites) and suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles. HS: 8802.60.00.00
Aircraft launching gear and parts thereof; deckarrestor or similar gear and parts thereof. HS: 8805.10.00.00
Air combat simulators and parts thereof. HS: 8805.21.00.00
Company News
PT DI Obtains Order from Ministry of Defense
Bisnis Indonesia, page T7, 2006-09-27
PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has received a new contract worth Rp.125.4 billion from the Ministry of Defense to provide a unit of NC212-200 airplane, two units of NBO-105 helicopters, and one unit of NBELL-412 helicopter. The Navy and PTDI have already signed their first contract for one unit of NBO-105 helicopter and one unit of NBELL-412 helicopter worth Rp.87.4 billion. The second and third contract was signed September 18 2006, each stating the sale of a unit of NBO-105 helicopter, plus a unit of NC212-200 airplane and one unit of NBO-105 helicopter. Total contract value reached Rp.38 billion.
PT DI Needs US$ 75 Million to Produce 350 Units of N-219
Bisnis Indonesia, page T7, 2006-09-19
PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) needs an added working capital of around US$ 75 million (Rp.675 billion) to produce as much as 350 units of N-219 airplanes until 2025. Out of that amount, around US$ 55.24 million will be used for the development of model N-219. Other than that, US$ 3.54 million is needed for production investment, US$ 15.83 million for initial working capital, and US$ 0.48 million for production support.
Dirgantara Indonesia, PT (Persero)
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 24-January-2019
Major Businessline : Aircraft, component, engine and equipment

PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
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