PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa

          PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
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Not containing cocoa. HS: 1905.31.10.00
Waffles and wafers. HS: 1905.32.00.00
Unsweetened teething bisuits. HS: 1905.90.10.00
Vitamins A and their derivatives. HS: 2936.21.00.00
Vitamins B1 and its derivatives. HS: 2936.22.00.00
Vitamin B2 and its derivatives. HS: 2936.23.00.00
Dor DLPantothenic acid (vitamin B3 or B5) and its derivatives. HS: 2936.24.00.00
Vitamin B6 and its derivatives. HS: 2936.25.00.00
Vitamin B12 and its derivatives. HS: 2936.26.00.00
Vitamin C and its derivatives. HS: 2936.27.00.00
Vitamin E and its derivatives. HS: 2936.28.00.00
Perfumes and toilet waters. HS: 3303.00.00.00
Lip makeup preparations. HS: 3304.10.00.00
Eye makeup preparations. HS: 3304.20.00.00
Manicure or pedicure preparation. HS: 3304.30.00.00
Powders, whether or not compressed. HS: 3304.91.00.00
Shampoos. HS: 3305.10.00.00
Preparations for permanent waving or straightening. HS: 3305.20.00.00
Company News
Amway Indonesia, 2005-01-01
In 1992, Amway entered the Indonesian market by founding PT Amindoway Jaya as a licensed direct marketing and product distributor of Amway. Today Amway has over 300,000 independent distributors in Indonesia and employs more than 190 people. PT. Amindoway Jaya currently has 21 Amway Distribution Centers (ADC). They are located in Jakarta as well as Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, Malang, Samarinda, Manado, Pontianak, Batam, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Lampung, Denpasar, Pakanbaru, Solo and Kupang. PT. Amindoway Jaya also operates two Amway Product Centers (APC) in Palembang and Balikpapan.
Amindoway Jaya, PT
Indonesia Company Report
Last Update 24-March-2017
Major Businessline : Biscuit, Cosmetic, Supplement

PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa
3rd Floor, Gapura Raya Building
Jl. Bangka Raya No. 4, Pela Mampang Email :
Jakarta 12720, Indonesia
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